"Personalized Dog Training in Houston TX"

Love your dog AND their behavior!

Welcome to The Devoted Dog Training

If you’ve ever felt like there is no hope, that your dog is untrainable or you don’t know what to try next… You’ve come to the right place! The Devoted Dog is your local expert in all things dog behavior, and we specialize in training dogs to be 100% reliable on AND off leash. Wouldn’t you love to have the freedom to take your dog ANYWHERE and know they’ll be on their best behavior? We have programs that really DO work for every dog, whether he is a hyper-happy-handful or has serious anxiety and aggression. Many families have tried training in the past without any success, but at The Devoted Dog we guarantee results!

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Dog Training Programs

No matter the issues, we can help turn your dog into a calm, well-behaved companion! The Devoted Dog can be the last dog training investment you ever make! Our relationship based training approach is simple yet creates a profound difference. We are here to improve communication and create that life lasting bond only man’s best friend can give. All of our programs are designed to get results, and each come with our training guarantee. The Devoted Dog’s straightforward training works fairly quickly, so you can start enjoying your dog more right away!

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What makes you different? We train real world, family dogs! By teaching the dog to make better choices and training calmness instead of excitability, we are consistently successful with all different types of dogs.
Where will my dog stay when they’re in training with you? In our home, as a member of the family! Check out our video to get a little peek.
What is your method of training? Our training approach is relationship and reward based through inclusion in daily activities, gentle praise, and building a working relationship together. We like to make training as fun as possible!

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