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Mallory Moffat

Certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialist

Mallory’s love for animals started at a young age, with a specific love for dogs and horses. She was the type of child that would find an animal wherever she went, and always had a connection with them. Whether it was a bunny at the pet store, a dog at the local shelter, or the horses that lived across the street, she had to stop and give them love, even if it was just for a moment. As a child, Mallory had two special dogs in her life. One, an imported German Boxer trained as a personal protection dog, and an extremely loving, overzealous Golden Retriever. Needless to say, she learned at a young age how to handle very different types of dogs.

Mallory’s real love for training began as a teenager when she was given a horse of her own! A hot, redheaded mare that required some special riding talents. She spent all of her after school and weekend hours riding young horses and off the track thoroughbreds for her trainer. Mallory advanced in the horse world through college as the captain of the IHSA hunt seat team and continued to work under various trainers in the hunter/jumper world. During college, Mallory worked her way up as a kennel tech at a small animal vet, to a receptionist, and then Vet Tech. After watching Mallory interact with the dogs it didn’t take the clinic owner long to notice that she had something special and unique. The clinic owner helped set Mallory up for what would soon become her lifelong passion. She enrolled in school at the Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers outside of Austin, TX.

While attending Starmark Academy, Mallory studied the science of how dogs learn, principles of behavior and behavior modification, general pet obedience, puppy socialization and imprinting, trick training, advanced competition obedience, and intro to several other dog sports; such as agility, scent detection, search and rescue, and basics of service dog training. Mallory completed the three-month program at Starmark and left as a Certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialist. Mallory continued to work at the small animal clinic and boarding facility for two years as their head trainer. During her time as the head trainer, she conducted obedience group classes, private behavior modification lessons, agility classes, and in-depth board and train, as well as in-home obedience and behavior modification sessions. After moving back home, Mallory took a position as General Manager of two luxury boarding facilities in DFW where she oversaw the day to day operations. She was responsible for all of the general boarding and daycare, as well as the training department.

During her time as GM, she had a human baby! When he turned one, she decided to resign from the busy world of management and started her own dog training business. This allowed her to spend more time at home with her sweet little boy. She has been keeping especially busy boarding and training dogs out of her home, and conducting private in-home lessons. Mallory is also on the board of directors of a local dog rescue, where she helps pull dogs from euthanasia lists at local shelters. As a foster parent, Mallory rehabilitates the dogs and helps them find their forever home. She often has litters of puppies that she helps place in appropriate homes. Mallory and her son, Jackson, enjoy spending time outside with their four personal dogs, as well as all of the boarders and trainees, and of course the foster puppies!

Amanda Begley 
Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
IACP professional member

Amanda has been working with problem dogs since she was 16 years old. Living in a small town in Washington state, she worked with friends and neighbors’ dogs whenever possible. She also started bringing in rescue dogs to train and rehabilitate, then find their forever homes. They needed understanding and love so badly- abused or neglected, abandoned by their owners for simple behavior problems. One special dog, a Pit mix then called “Cujo”, was horribly abused and extremely dog aggressive. Yet with some training and understanding, he rehabbed into one of the best dogs she’s ever known. That was it, she was hooked- Amanda decided to make helping dogs her life’s work.

In 2007 she enrolled in Animal Behavior College where she graduated and received her certification as an ABC Dog Trainer. She moved south to the sunny, dog-loving city of San Diego, CA where she opened Freedom Dog Training. “FDT” was discontinued for 3 years when Amanda enlisted in the military and deployed to Afghanistan. After her discharge however, she came to Hutto, TX to attend the Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers, where she graduated and received her certification as a Dog Behavior Specialist. After 1 year spent in the Austin area, she moved to Houston and established The Devoted Dog LLC. After buying a 9 acre farm in Cleveland she is now back in the business of doing what she loves – rescuing dogs and helping people and their dogs enjoy happy, healthy relationships!

Amanda is in the process of moving to Costa Rica in order to pursue her passion of wildlife rescue and conservation, as well as continue with dog rescue.

While in training with us, your dog stays in our home as a member of the family! Take a look at our video to see.

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