Dog Training for the Houston Area

The work Amanda did with our pup Wrigley was out of this world!

Dog Training for the Beaumont TX area.

Wrigley, one of the cutest mixed dogs you’ll ever see, started out not so nice to other dogs, and was a bit sketchy about people too. Her dog aggression was caused by inappropriate prey drive and a lack of understanding good dog communication. While her owners had worked with other trainers, there had not been significant improvement with her dog and leash issues. So she came to stay with us! As she learned bad behavior had consequences and got to socialize more with good balanced dogs, her issues started fading away. Wrigley really just needed a good leader, and a proper off leash introduction to new dogs. The changes we watched her make in her weeks with us were just fantastic to see. We’re so glad Wrigley is able to have fun and play with other dogs now, and we’re looking forward to seeing her again soon! Keep up the good work everyone 🙂

If you are in Beaumont and looking for help with your dog, contact us!

The work Amanda did with our pup, Wrigley, was out of this world!! Before we brought Wrigley to the Devoted Dog, she was not good around other dogs. She now has weekly play dates with some friends of ours’ dogs and even spent a week at my parent’s house with their dog during our wedding! We think she might be getting a new four legged friend in our house soon! Amanda was so great about communicating with us throughout Wrigley’s training, and has even been willing to make the evaluation and return trips out to Beaumont. Thank you so much for everything!!

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