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I highly recommend The Devoted Dog to anyone! I am at a loss for words with the improvements

Dog Training for the Pearland TX area. Bella is a beautiful 4 year old Cattle Dog mix from Pearland, TX. She came to us insecure and very reactive- snapping at the trainer, all the dogs and the cats. We kept her muzzled for safety, and used a long leash to make her feel more comfortable with my presence.

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Bella’s troubles were largely fear based so we worked on confidence building through exposure, having a leader and understanding what was expected of her. By the end of the week she was unmuzzled and off leash with the other dogs, and by the end of her stay she was a much more confident girl with new dog and cat friends. It was so great watching her open up and be able to enjoy being a dog. With continued practice her owners are able to enjoy a whole new Bella!

I would highly recommend Amanda to train your dog! Bella (cattle dog mixed) used to be extremely aggressive towards my cats, other dogs and new people as well. Trying to go for a walk was a nightmare and I could never take her anywhere in public. Bella stayed with Amanda for a month (thanks Harvey) and she adored her and eventually got along with the other dogs on the property. I loved getting the progress pictures and videos every week and the going home video that Amanda puts together at the end is definitely a tear jerker! Now Bella can be in the same room with my cats and even lay next to each other with no problems. She’s gotten better with the neighbor dog and going for walks is a breeze. Amanda was very helpful teaching me how to be a more confident owner and still answers any questions I may have to this day. I even plan on using her for boarding because I know Bella will be in good hands! Thanks Amanda!  -J Worden

I am at a loss for words with the improvements Bella has made because of Amanda. She follows commands and goes for walks with ease now. She doesn’t give me a workout anymore trying to hold on to her. We also let her walk freely around the cats now. Although she is still curious about them, she isn’t trying to attack them. I highly recommend The Devoted Dog to anyone whose dog is in need of training. If only Amanda could move next door. I was especially amazed when Bella tried to follow Amanda out the door when she was leaving today. That told me right there that Bella was obviously in good hands while in Amanda’s care. My daughter hired the right people to do the job. Thank you bunches and bunches!    –K Worden

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