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Turned my German Shepherd into a true part of my family that I love to be around…

The Morgan family from Cypress TX called us about their wild young German Shepherd, and we were so happy to help! Here’s what she has to say..

Amanda’s training is absolutely wonderful, she has turned my 1 year old 80 lb German Shepherd into a true part of my family that I love to be around and proud to show off. Koda was very high energy, chased and knocked down the grand-babies trying to play, jumped at guest as they came in the front door with excitement. Walks were horrible, Koda walked or rather dragged me down the road; at times my hand would be blue from the leash. I work long hours and knew I could not give Koda the training that was needed. I had been through the typical pet store training before and that was not going to work for us. I really had come to the conclusion that I had just another dog that I would have to put away when I had company, and would never really enjoy having around the way she should be.    

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Dog Obedience Training Cypress tx

One night I was searching dog training and Amanda’s page came up I read and read and searched and tried to find a reason why I shouldn’t do this. The only thing holding me back was which plan to do, and could I afford it. After talking to Amanda many times and watching her videos many times over and over, I decided to just do it and hope for the best. So Koda went away to boot camp for 3 weeks. Yes I questioned myself, “was this the right thing to do?” but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Koda came home with manners and wonderful behavior. We now go on long walks, I can even take her to the pet store with me. She is very gentle when it comes to the babies, she even went on a trip out of town with me and my boyfriend recently. Amanda kept me well informed the whole time with how Koda was doing either with a daily text message or two every day, pictures, and even videos so I could see her progress. Each and every time, my boyfriend would say “that is not your dog”. Amanda even asked was there anything I knew of that I would like her to work on? I explained that I would have to kennel Koda just to mow the lawn or vacuum the floor because she would bite and try to attack the vacuum or mower, Not anymore!! If I could give Amanda 10 stars that would not be enough. Thank you Amanda, you are simply amazing!!     


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