Dog Training for the Houston Area

I was blown away by what they accomplished!

The Davis family from Baytown TX brought us their 6 month old Labradoodle puppy Jessie for potty training, bad manners, and no obedience. She was peeing in the house, chasing the cats around, jumping, and biting to where it hurt. Generally she was a puppy running a little wild.

Dog & Puppy training in Baytown TX

Jessie enrolled in our 3 week board-and-train program where we she learned all her basic and advanced obedience, including manners of no jumping or biting.  She gained confidence and plays very well with other dogs. Jessie learned better cat manners and stopped chasing them. She has a solid “leave it” even with food, and has fantastic off leash obedience. We took her through public stores teaching her how to be polite and focus under high distractions.

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After her training Jessie is doing very well! She hasn’t had a single accident since coming home. She’s a joy to walk, and isn’t terrorizing the cats anymore. Even as a young puppy, she is so calm and enjoyable to go out with and take anywhere. That’s really all we want, is a dog we can enjoy doing things with! No matter the breed or the age, your dog can be your best friend! 🙂

What do Jessie’s owners say about her training? “I was blown away by what Amanda accomplished in three weeks. And dogs love her. If you’re looking for a quality trainer who only wants the best for your dog on every level, you found her!”

Check out this adorable Doodle’s graduation video!


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