Dog Training for the Houston Area

We had tried all kinds of trainers and made minimal progress…

Our two dogs are rescues, each with their own set of problems. The small cattledog, Jules, has the attention span of 2 seconds and just falls to pieces when things don’t go her way (crying would be nice, screaming is her norm). Lucy is a German Shepherd mix who is sweet, stubborn and very afraid of people. Over the last two years we have tried all kinds of trainers and made minimal progress. We hit a wall when we couldn’t get anyone to come take care of our dogs when we had to go out of state for a relative’s funeral. My husband scoured the internet and found The Devoted Dog. He didn’t want a residential training situation that was a kennel for our two dogs as each had been abandoned. When he first found The Devoted Dog he saw that it was an in-home training situation. Above all, he was most impressed with the recommendations and the fact that there seemed to be no hopeless case.

Amanda is the most zen-like trainer I have met. You have immediate confidence that your dog is in good hands. From the minute we met Amanda we knew she was the right person for our dogs. She was calm and confident and you know that she does her work because it is her calling. I loved the emails and youtube videos of our dogs that came our way while they were in training with Amanda. We could watch and track their progress and be amazed. And the training that WE got when they returned was great—written guidelines that you can return to again and again as well as practical and hands-on advice.


German Shepherd Dog Training Houston TXMy dogs are definitely not perfect, they are works in progress. But they both returned confident, they now look to us to be in charge and we are definitely on a much better path of co-existence. I never thought that Jules could wait calmly at a door for an “ok” to come in. I never thought I could walk Lucy in my neighborhood around other people because she barks and growls out of fear and we can now do it calmly. Lucy even went to the vet a couple of weeks ago and was unimpressed with not only the other owners but the loose cat and other dogs…she was quite calm. All of this was possible because of Amanda’s training. In fact, my vet asked for Amanda’s info when she saw how improved both Jules and Lucy were.

As I mentioned, both of our dogs are works in progress. We still have issues with both Lucy and Jules in the car and when people ring our front doorbell. Amanda has made herself totally available to advise us and we regularly make use of that contact. She has offered to come to our home for some follow up work and we will do that soon.

I am so glad that we took Lucy and Jules to Amanda. When it comes to value, she is worth every penny. I wish we had found her years ago!


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