Dog Training for the Houston Area

It has truly been an amazing experience!

fearful dog training houston txThe Allen family of Houston was having trouble with their 4 year old Border Collie mix Molly. She was showing separation anxiety and had some pretty upsetting fear based aggression towards strangers.  Molly had been through some trauma in the past, including a recent car crash, and she just didn’t trust people. She’d bark, run away, or sneak up behind people to nip them. Her family called us after she bit someone she’s known for years.

At heart Molly is an extremely sweet, loving girl. She just didn’t feel like she had a leader strong enough to protect her. Border Collies in general are very soft, owner oriented dogs, so she just needed a bit different communication and trust building. So we focused on relationship exercises, clear communication, and appropriate corrections. We used remote collar work as a low key way to communicate with proper timing. In less than a week she was fully off-leash trained, ignoring people in the neighborhood, and taking treats from strangers. We even taught her to run alongside a bicycle, which is great since her owners bike frequently.

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It’s so nice seeing her be able to really relax and just be a dog! A calm, happy dog enjoying their Houston neighborhood. She’s doing great with her family so far, and I know they’ll continue helping her be the best she can be. fearful dog training houston tx

Her family says- “Amanda works magic. Molly was a rescue and has issues with people in our home. To the extent she had bitten our babysitter whom she had known 4 years. After being involved in a car accident things took a turn for the worse, if it’s possible I really think she had PTSD. Afraid of the car, people, etc. She had really bonded with my sister and has become her dog, while she’s better in a single dog house without kids, she still had some issues. Especially when coming back to our home for visits. In just a week Amanda has her walking off leash, greeting strangers, and is so close to being the best dog she can be. It truly has been an amazing experience. It makes my heart happy that Molly will have the life she deserves!!”


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