We can help you and your dog in your home!

Dog Training for the Houston Area

In-home Dog Training

Wouldn’t you love to have the freedom to take your dog ANYWHERE and know they’ll be on their best behavior?

Private & In Home Dog Training Conroe Willis Beaumont & Houston Texas

In-home dog training works well for owners who appreciate convenience, focused instruction, flexible schedules, and the ability to work at a self-directed pace. Private lessons are highly personalized and tailored to suit you and your dog’s needs.

Whether it’s house training or nail-trimming, jumping on your guests, or barking at the mailman, we can help! We coach you to train your dog, help you along the way, and offer advice between sessions as needed.

Some of the behaviors we will address are:

•Jumping      •Mouthing     •Barking     •Leash Pulling      •Manners when entering/exiting doorways      •Housebreaking     •Begging      •Guarding food/toys      •And more!

Obedience Dog Training Conroe Willis Beaumont Round Rock

House Call $300

A house-call is a 2 hour training session geared towards helping with minor behavior problems. Focused instruction makes training more successful and easier for you and your dog. During this lesson you’ll learn the leadership skills you need to guide your dog, and put a big dent in unwanted behaviors. Most owners report a huge improvement in the relationship with their dog after only one lesson.

Included with this program is printed reference material and our support to aid in the continuation of your dog’s success.

 This service is not recommended for severe behavioral concerns.

The Well-Mannered Dog Program $750

Is your dog in need of some manners? In 4 sessions we cover everything needed for your dog to start acting like a responsible member of the family! The first lesson is a 2-hour introduction, followed by 3 one-hour sessions performed weekly. Training is tailored to your dog to address specific behavior problems. We’ll lay a solid obedience foundation and help create better behaviors, so you can enjoy a better relationship with your dog!

 Included with this program is printed reference material, and 1 year unlimited support!

Private Dog Training for Houston TX

We’ll also provide you with continued support and guidance throughout the lifetime of your dog. Even if you move, we will work with you via telephone, email, or skype. Imagine getting extra guidance with bringing a new dog or baby into the family, or helping your dog adjust to a new move or major life change.

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