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Dog Training for the Houston Area


Here are some videos showing just a little of the basic Dog Obedience Training we can do with your dog.  If you are in the Houston area, contact us now! Enjoy!

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Sadie had some pretty severe car aggression

Willie needed all basic obedience, and would drag you down the street on walks

Broady liked to bite strangers every time she got the chance

This is a simple exercise that’s very very important to teach, as it can help save your dog’s life! If you have a dog that tries to bolt out doors, whether from the house or from your car, this is how to prevent them from running away or getting hurt.

Having them come in (or out) one by one simply increases the level of self control they have to exercise, and of course is very useful if you only want one dog at a time

Well this is a pretty obvious one… You’re in the kitchen making dinner, or cutting up dog treats and making a grand mess of it, like I am 😉 You want to make sure your dogs aren’t going for everything hitting the floor, no matter how close it lands to them. Even if it’s a yummy chicken!

This is great for making sure they don’t eat something that could get them sick, for telling one dog not to touch the other’s food, for making sure your dog doesn’t try to grab your steak from the coffee table.. Always teach a good “leave it!”

A “place” command is an extended stay on a designated area, usually the dog’s bed. The dog can sit, stand, lay down, chew on a toy, whatever they like, as long as they stay on their place.

There are a million and one ways you can use this, though most commonly you’ll see it used as I’m about to show you. But this can be done: inside, outside, with multiple dogs, with any distractions, having your dog with you at work, keeping an eye on a puppy that may try to chew things, keeping dogs separated while they have food, keeping the dog calm and out of the way when children are playing, etc etc etc 🙂

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